NEWS: Ready Recollections

March 19, 2015

New dates added and more to come! Also, be sure to be watching your favorite store in the upcoming months for the new Silvertone Acoustic Re-issues! Classic guitars for today’s player.


January 16th:

New dates and more to come!


October 31st, 2014:

If you get a chance, check out our good friends at Trophy Guitar Straps. You’ll be glad you did!



July 11th, 2014:

w/ Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers



June 19th, 2014:

Happy Birthday to the legendary Sonny Burgess! Come out and celebrate with the Sun Studio artist along with his band the Pacers. Nick Devlin and Brad Williams will be performing with the band on a couple classic numbers.

Click on the pic for tickets!


May 1, 2014



We’re proud to announce that The Salty Dogs are now part of Silvertone‘s roster of endorsed artists.

Silvertone has played a vital role in music history and American culture since the early 1900s. The vibe, playability, affordability and vintage feel are second to none.

Check out Silvertone‘s new line of Silvertone Classic Re-issue guitars. We think you will dig ‘em!


April 28th, 2014

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by the tragic weather events yesterday. The damage is tremendous and we hope you can find a way to help those in need.

Here is a great list for help/donation centers and ways to help whether you are in or out of state:



NEW EP -Too old to fight - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

SALTY DOGS COVER l to r: Brad Williams, Nick Devlin, Brent LaBeau, Bart Angel

The Salty Dogs are set to release new music in 2014. The 6 song EP, Too old to fight, is slated for release on March 25th, 2014.  The 4-piece quartet of Honk and Tonk, delivers new tunes that help keep the traditional country music flame alive. If you are looking for songs about trucks, tailgates, Saturday night bonfires OR Taylor Swift’s love life – you may want to keep looking.

Listen to the track, Too old to fight, from the current release on Max Recordings: